(Translated from Bengali )

26th Dec., 1889.


After a long attempt, I think, I am now in a position to present myself before you. In a day or two I take myself to your feet at holy Kashi.

I have been putting up here for some days with a gentleman of Calcutta, but my mind is much longing for Varanasi. My idea is to remain there for some time, and to watch how Vishvanâtha and Annapurnâ (Shiva and His Divine Spouse as installed in Varanasi.) deal it out to my lot. And my resolve is something like “either to lay down my life or realise my ideal” “शरीरं वा पातयामि मन्त्रं वा साधयामि ।” — so help me the Lord of Kashi.

Yours etc.,


* Letters I - IV, VI - XIV, XVl - XXII, XXIV - XXVI, XXIX, XXXI - XXXIII and CXXlV are translated from Bengali letters written to Pramadadas Mitra of Varanasi, an orthodox Hindu, for whose profound erudition and piety Swamiji had the highest regard. These letters are most interesting being written (except the last) at a time when, after his Master’s passing away, Swamiji was leading a wandering monk’s life. In the early days he used to sign his name as Narendranath, though his now famous name, Vivekananda, is printed in all these pages for easy comprehension.


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