XCIX Mrs. Bull

5th June, 1896.


The Raja-Yoga book is going on splendidly. Saradananda goes to the States soon.

I do not like any one whom I love to become a lawyer, although my father was one. My Master was against it, and I believe that that family is sure to come to grief where there are several lawyers. Our country is full of them; the universities turn them out by the hundreds. What my nation wants is pluck and scientific genius. So I want Mohin to be an electrician. Even if he fails in life, still I will have the satisfaction that he strove to become great and really useful to his country. … In America alone there is that something in the air which brings out whatever is best in every one. … I want him to be daring, bold, and to struggle to cut a new path for himself and his nation. An electrical engineer can make a living in India. 

Yours with love,


PS. Goodwin is writing to you this mail with reference to a magazine in America. I think something of the sort is necessary to keep the work together, and shall of course do all that I can to help it on in the line he suggests.  . . . I think it very probable that he will come over with Saradananda.

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