LXV Mrs. Bull

54 W. 33, NEW YORK,
7th May, 1895.


…I had a newspaper from India with a publication in it of Dr. Barrows’ short reply to the thanks sent over from India. Miss Thursby will send it to you. Yesterday I received another letter from India from the President of Madras meeting to thank the Americans and to send me an Address…. This gentleman is the chief citizen of Madras and a Judge of the Supreme Court, a very high position in India.

I am going to have two public lectures more in New York in the upper hall of the Mott’s Memorial Building. The first one will be on Monday next, on the Science of Religion. The next, on the Rationale of Yoga…. Has Miss Hamlin sent you the book on the financial condition of India? I wish your brother will read it and then find out for himself what the English rule in India means.

Ever gratefully your son,


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