XCVII Sarada

(Translated from Bengali )

14th April, 1896.


Glad to hear everything in your letter. I have got news that Sharat arrived safe. I am in receipt of your letter and the copy of the Indian Mirror. Your contribution is good, go on writing regularly. … It is very easy to search for faults, but the characteristic of a saint lies in looking for merits — never forget this. … You need a little business faculty. … Now what you want is organisation — that requires strict obedience and division of labour. I shall write out everything in every particular from England, for which I start tomorrow. I am determined to make you decent workers thoroughly organised. …

The term “Friend” can be used with all. In the English language you have not that sort of cringing politeness common in Bengali, and such Bengali terms translated into English become ridiculous. That Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was God — and all that sort of thing — has no go in countries like this. M— has a tendency to put that stuff down everybody’s throat, but that will make our movement a little sect. You keep aloof from such attempts; at the same time, if people worship him as God, no harm. Neither encourage nor discourage. The masses will always have the person, the higher ones the principle; we want both. But principles are universal, not persons. Therefore stick to the principles he taught, let people think whatever they like of his person. … Truce to all quarrels and jealousies and bigotry! These will spoil everything. “But many that are first shall be last; and the last first.” “मद्भक्तानाञ्च ये भक्तास्ते मे भक्ततमा मताः — Those who are the devotees of My devotees are My best devotees.” 

Yours affectionately,