Shiva’s Demon

(This incomplete story was found among Swamiji’s papers after he had passed away. It is printed as the last article in the Bengali book Bhâbbâr Kathâ.)

Baron K— lived in a district of Germany. Born in all aristocratic family, he inherited high rank, honour and wealth even in early youth; besides, he was highly cultured and endowed with many accomplishments. A good many charming, affluent, and young women of rank craved for his love. And which father or mother does not wish for a son-in-law of such parts, culture, handsomeness, social position, lineage, and youthful age? An aristocratic beauty had attracted Baron K— also, but the marriage was still far off. In spite of all rank and wealth, Baron K— had none to call his own, except a sister who was exquisitely beautiful and educated. The Baron had taken a vow that he would marry only after his sister had chosen her fiancé and the marriage celebrated with due éclat and rich dowries from him. She had been the apple of her parents’ eyes. Baron K— did not want to enjoy a married life, before her wedding. Besides, the custom in this Western country is that the son does not live in his father’s or in any relative’s family after marriage; the couple live separately. It may be possible for the husband to live with his wife in his father-in-law’s house but a wife will never live in her father-in-law’s. So K— postponed his marriage till his sister’s.

*    *    *

For some months K— had no news of his sister. Foregoing the life of ease, comfort, and happiness in a palace served by a big retinue, and snatching herself from the affection of her only brother, she had absconded. All search had been in vain. That brought K— untold sorrow. He had no more any relish for the pleasures of life; he was ever unhappy and dejected. His relatives now gave up all hope of the sister’s return, and tried to make the Baron cheerful. They were very anxious about him, and his fiancee was ever full of apprehension.

*    *    *

It was the time of the Paris Exhibition. The élite of all countries assembled there. The art-treasures, and artistic products were brought to Paris from all quarters. Baron K—’s relatives advised him to go to Paris where his despondent heart would regain its normal health and buoyancy, once it was in contact with that active, invigorating current of joy. The Baron bowed down to their wishes and started for Paris with his friends.